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Sam Haddad Attorney & Counselor, Austin Texas
Sam Haddad Austin Texas Immigration Attorney

Read some of our client comments:

Excelente servicio.

— Hector

The experience with my lawyer was great. He kept us up to date on everything and the process was fast and simple. Now I'm glad to be a part of the dreamers.

— Irving

Made it easy to understand. Quick and easy, very nice.

— Rachel

Great service! I don't have to worry about anything. They handled all the paperwork. Will definitely keep coming here.

— Jessica

It was really nice and they were always nice to me. I like the way they do things. It's really fast the way they do it. It's just the process, when you have to wait, but the rest is pretty fast.

— Alejandra

Very professional office, very nice people, excellent experience.

— Christian

Very friendly, and cooperative.

— Jesus

Good and nice people! And, a fast process.

— Marco

Excellent services!! The people of this office are very professional and have a very good attitude!!

— Ruben

Todo me pareció bien, algo muy bonito. Para mi sobre todo, el trabajo del abogado era excelente.

— Nicolas

The law office was friendly, very helpful as well. The instant you got there, they attended to you quickly and efficiently, without any problem.

— Michelle

I'm very happy how the team of this office and San Antonio USCIS handled my case. Very nice and professional. Como se diria en España "Me trataron como a una reina."

— Inés

Gracias por apoyarnos a conseguir la residencia y poder ayudar a nuestra hija en sus tramites.

— Hector

I am very happy and satisfied with the office experience!

— Carolina

Todo el proceso se me explico correctamente y me tuvieron atención en cada documento que aporte muy buen trato y disciplina en el proceso para obtener el estatus.

— Daniel

Our experience was very smooth. The lawyer/office was very helpful every step of the way. We never felt we were being pressured. Although we tried to do everything we could and as fast we could the office never pressured us at all. We actually felt they were trying to help us and not just take our money. The office people were very courteous and helpful to us as well. As a whole, I would refer anyone I know to them.

— Hermino & Margoth

A great experience! Everyone is very helpful. I will definitely recommend this attorney to others.

— Sarai

Muy buena experiencia! Cada vez que acudí a la oficina, me atendieron como se debe, todo se hizo en tiempo y forma. Gracias!

— Jose

Estamos muy felices por los resultados de aprobación acerca del perdón. Nos sentimos bendecidos de haber contratado al abogado Sam Haddad. Siempre nos recomendó lo mejor para al caso y nos tuvo mucha paciencia, y lo mejor era el resultado! Gracias, Sam Haddad!

— Victor & Maria

Todo salió bien

— Valentin

Una experiencia muy buena y satisfactoria.

— Roque

El proceso era bueno, no hubo ningún problema ni contratiempos. Excelente!

— Esmeralda

It has been a good experience. I like it. They treat us really good. Also, it's nice because we could ask questions and they could help us. They are also nice people.

— Aurora

Easy, fast and everything always went smoothly. I would recommend them to everyone I know.

— Joel

It was a wonderful experience for the following reasons: 1.) If I ever had a question or concern I would receive a prompt answer. 2.) Even though my request had a time span of 2–3 months, Mr. Haddad managed to get it approved in one month. 3.) Even after everything was completed Mr. Haddad advised me on future steps.

— Adriana

Happy to have Sam Haddad as my lawyer! Thanks for everything!

— Jessica

Everything was fantastic!

— Juan

My experience with the Sam Haddad office was a very good one. The process was very smooth and they made sure to keep in touch with any advances in my case. Our family will continue to put our trust in Sam and his office.

— Zaira

Dear Mr. Haddad,

Thank you very much to you and your staff.

— Javier & Paulina

Dear Mr. Haddad,

I would like to thank you for your excellent service. Thank you for your patience, professionalism, knowledge and all the effort you put into my case. I would like to specifically thank all the personnel from your firm for the professional and friendly attitude. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.


The law office of Sam Haddad was very courteous and professional and very thorough. I would recommend others to contact them for their services. I am very pleased with their services.

Thank you Sam,

It was truly an easy-going and very detailed process for our case. Sam provided great service and explained every single step very clearly and kept us well informed throughout the whole paper work process. Representation on the day of the interview was well organized. Sam has a great reputation and is very reliable. Thank you for guiding us.

— Veronica & Claudio

El servicio y la atencion recibida del abogado Sam Haddad no tiene comparacion Pues, mi caso lo manejo con la profesionalidad que lo caracteriza. El resultado fur el esperado "exito completo." Si es valida una calificación de 1 a 10, yo le pondría un "10" excepcional.

— Rosalio

Mr. Haddad was really helpful! He made sure we had everything we needed before our appointment. It was the best experience we could have had. His office staff was really helpful and nice.

— Joanna D.

I give thanks to God for my gift. Mr. Haddad helped me clear up something I had done many years ago that might have hurt my immigration case. Everything he did for me he did very well. I am very thankful. I hope that God blesses you, Mr. Haddad, and that you continue making families happy. I wish you this on behalf of myself and my entire family.

— Daniel F.

We would like to let you know how great your service was. All the staff was very friendly. We appreciate it and thank you all much for the great service.

— Santiago M. & Maria R.

I had a good experience with your office and I will recommend you to my friends.

— Rosa R.


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